A customer was seeking a riser recliner, particularly a dual motor
option because the backrest and footrest can be controlled completely
independently from each other.

After viewing different chairs, he decided on the Brecon Riser
Recliner. He requested a different colour and fabric to the standard
options given, ordering the chair in leather with a Shelly Jade
Green colour tone. This would ensure the new chair would
colour match his existing sofa.

I was very happy with the service I received, and the staff were very helpful. It was also handy to have the option of a different colour and fabric.Customer Comment

About the product

The Brecon Recliner Chair has scroll arms and full chaise footrest, which is complemented with a three pillow waterfall backrest. Standard colours include beige, green, red and blue however many other fabrics & colours are available on request  >>Learn More<<