With colder weather approaching, it’s essential to start thinking of ways that you can keep your mobility scooter in good working order.

Here are our top suggestions. 

Invest in a storage Cover

If your scooter is stored outside, it is essential to invest in a quality waterproof cover to keep it protected from rain, dirt and snow.

Too much exposure to bad weather can cause unwanted problems for your vehicle.

Enquire About A Scooter Canopy

Travel with peace of mind knowing that you will always be nice and dry from our unpredictable British weather.

Keep The Control Panel Dry

A wrap-around control panel cover prevents rain from getting into your scooter controls.

Charge Your Batteries Regularly

Remember to charge your scooter after every use for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.

Yearly Scooter Service

We advise that a scooter be serviced once a year.A qualified engineer will carry out essential maintenance checks as well as a routine inspection, which includes checking for worn brakes and tyres, and ensuring that the wiring underneath is intact.

A home collection can be arranged, or you can bring it into the showroom.

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