All mobility scooter users who are looking to take their vehicle on the bus must obtain a permit to travel.

To obtain a permit, the users must be assessed and receive on-bus training from the operator before travelling for the first time. Only once the operator is satisfied that the user can perform a set of tasks safely and in a reasonable period of time, will they give the permit to the scooter user.

Please be aware that the bus operator has the right to withdraw the permit in the event of the mobility scooter being misused, e.g. if damage or injury is caused to other passengers and/or to the bus. 

What type of scooters are acceptable for bus travel?

4 mph scooters with 3 or 4 wheels are accepted, provided they are no wider than 600mm wide and 1000mm long, with a turning radius not exceeding 1200mm. Acceptable scooters include the Go-Go Elite Traveller LX and the K-Lite Comfort.

Scooters capable of travelling 6-8 mph are not designed to be carried by buses.