Below you will find our step by step guide to charging your batteries. It’s important to charge your batteries after every ride. By correctly looking after your batteries, you will improve their performance and lifespan. Hover the cursor over each step to see it’s relevant picture. 

If your feel that your batteries might be worn out and need replacing, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01424 714646 or send us an enquiry. 


Turn the scooter’s power switch to the OFF position.


Connect the charger plug to the charging port on the scooter.


Plug the charging power cable into a power outlet.


When the charger’s LED red/orange light is on, this means the batteries are charging. REMEMBER only leave the batteries on charge for a MAXIMUM of 24 hours and for a MINIMUM of 8 hours.


The LED light will completely go green when the batteries are fully charged. Turn off the mains, un-plug from the wall and remove the charging socket from the scooter / powerchair.


REMEMBER to ONLY use the charger supplied with your product with the CORRECT power outlet.