We want our customers to continue to enjoy the independence and freedom a scooter or powerchair can bring, so below we’ve put together some handy maintenance tips, that will  help you continue to get the most out of  your motorised vehicle.

1. Battery charging

Always charge your battery for a MINIMUM of 8 hours and only at a MAXIMUM of 24 hours.

Once the batteries are fully charged, turn off the mains and un-plug from the wall, also remove the charging socket from the Scooter/ Powerchair.

REMEMBER to only use the charger supplied with your product with the correct power output.

2. Getting Your Scooter Serviced

We advise that a scooter/power chair be serviced once a year.

A qualified engineer will carry out important maintenance checks, as well as a routine inspection, which includes checking for worn brakes and tyres, and ensuring the wiring underneath the scooter is intact.

A home collection can be arranged or you can bring it in to the Ghyllside showroom.

We always ensure to inform our customers when a service is due, however if you feel a service is needed before this time please don’t hesitate to call us: Tel: 01424 714646 

3. Storing Your Scooter

It is important to store your scooter in a dry, clean and secure place when not in use, ideally with a main socket nearby so you can charge it.

If you have to store it outside, you’ll need to buy a waterproof storage cover to protect it from rain. Either call or visit our showroom to learn more about the waterproof covers available at Ghyllside.